Pool Art offers the following professional services to both residential and commercial clients:
  • Fully Tiling
  • Waterline Tiling
  • Pool Coping and Surrounds
  • All Interiors: Quartzon, Pebblecrete, Fibreglass & Paint
  • Rust repairs & Pool Servicing
  • Fencing
  • Full landscaping and maintenance service
Fully Tiling

Fully Tiling

Fully tiling is the 'Rolls Royce' if you like of pool interior finishes. Your options for colour are endless. Strong and long lasting (20 yrs), it is proven and as old as the Romans. Maintenance is reduced and peace of mind assured.
Waterline Tiling

Waterline Tiling

Quite often, depending on pool interior chosen, a waterline tile is required because UV rays will affect many pool surfaces. Again, a wide and varied choice is available. Combined correctly with a pool interior colour, it enhances the pool water colour and elimates 'the bath ring' effect to your interior - The result: less maintenance.
Pool Coping and surrounds

Pool Coping and Surrounds

Combined with any pool makeover, is the renewal and updating of your pool coping area. At Poolart, we can offer a wide selection of material choices from a paver to a tile to enhance the entertaining area of your swimming pool.
All Interiors

All Interiors: Quartzon, Pebblecrete, Fibreglass & Paint

Quartzon: Quartzon is a unique pool render available in a range of exquisite colours that create stunning visual effects in pool water. Made from a high density of Quartz ceramically coloured stones and specialised sands. Quartzon pools are smooth to touch and kind on that swimming cozie.
Pebblecrete: Pebblecrete is one of the original pool coatings though it's colour range is somewhat limited. It is strong and durable and is a good option when your pool is shadowed by trees, limiting maintenance.
Fibreglass: Fibreglass is a strong and durable pool interior also available in many colour options. Very often chosen and used in commercial applications
Paint: A relatively simple application of epxoy pool paint can really give your pool a lift. A wide colour choice is available that can blend with your home and its aspect.

Rust Repairs & Pool Servicing

Rust Repairs: Very often, just like we humans that are exposed to the elements, your pool can develop cancer. This appears as a rust spot where the steel in your concrete pool has become exposed and has combined with moisture and air and the reinforcement steel breaks down. We can solve this problem by cutting out and treating the affected areas, thus allowing a new lease of life on your investment.
Pool Servicing: We at Poolart offer a complete maintenance section from start up of your new pool or renovation to ongoing assistance with weekly or fortnightly chemical treatment.


A wide variety of pool fence systems are available, from a powder coated system to frameless glass balustrading - all are designed to let you capture the pool and perhaps the view beyond. Far to often, this process is played down. It not only compliments your pool but also provides a safety barrier for young children and toddlers which must not be overlooked. We can advise a system to keep your family and visitors safe.

Full Landscaping & Maintenance Service

In many cases, what makes a pool so enticing, as shown in our gallery, are the surrounds. A pool sparkles even more brightly within a well planned garden setting. To enjoy your pool to the full, a paved entertaining area and shelter from the sun is a must. Correctly set out planting and edging can make you feel on holidays all year round. We are happy to assist with a full comprehensive landscape service from design construction and an ongoing maintenance division.
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